Driving Lessons and Courses from Visibility

Visibility Driving Tuition will help you structure your learning over a period of time and allow you to take control of your own lessons at a later date. This new way is called Client Centre Learning where the client takes responsibility for their actions while in control of a vehicle. Below are a few ways that your instructor will help you to drive safely and risk free.

Your instructor will discuss where you would like to drive and ask you what you would like to learn, achieve or improve on at the start of each lesson. You will be asked questions which will help you understand and discover your knowledge in order to help you drive in a lasting way when you have passed your test. Help will be given in teaching you how to control your vehicle in general driving and manoevres.

Your instructor will help you control where you drive according and how you are going to benefit from it and the content you have planned for your lesson.You will be asked how you intend to do things differently if you encounter a similar situation. One of the qualities of your instructor will to not be judgemental upon any mistake you may make. You will learn from experience.

You will keep control of your lesson content and agree the way forward. Finally your driving style will never be critised remember criticism does not give confidence.


Progress Book

The progress book records the development after each driving lesson. This book helps you stay informed of your achievements, what is still to be completed and highlights areas in need of improvement. The book also contains all the Show Me / Tell Me Vehicle Maintenance Questions, Instructor Assessment, information regarding the Pass Plus course and a notes and appointments area as a reminder of your lesson schedule!

Theory and Hazard Perception Test

In car help and advice can be given to help pass your Theory and Hazard Perception Test. If you would like to practise at home you can borrow a copy of the Driving Theory Test DVD disc.


Further Driving Courses

Visibility Driving Tuition offers a range of further driving courses to suit the needs of a large range of motorist, see below for details:

Driving Lessons

Driving lessons are available to anyone in the region of York and Tadcaster, as well as Bishopthorpe, Copmanthorpe, Acomb, Nether & Upper Poppleton, Wigginton, Haxby, Heworth, Fulford, Osbaldwick, Badger Hill, Hestlington and the Universities of York. Don’t worry if your area isn’t listed, simply call to make further arrangements.

Halfway Course

The Halfway Course is 24 hours of in car tuition. This is for someone who has taken a break from driving or would like to change driving instructor. The pupil must have already passed their theory test or is about to take a theory test. The pupil should have good general driving skills and be able to do one or two manoeuvres.

Test Booster Course

The Test Booster Course is 12 hours of in car tuition. This is for someone who has taken a driving test and needs a little extra help and confidence to pass their next driving test.

Pass Plus Course

Once you have passed your test, why not take the DSA Pass Plus Course, designed for newly qualified drivers. This course is a programme of six modules taken over a minimum of six hours, these modules are:
Pass Plus

  • Motorways
  • Town / City driving
  • Driving at night
  • Dual Carriageway driving
  • Country Roads / Villages
  • Weather driving discussion

An added advantage of Pass Plus is having the opportunity to gain further knowledge of situations which may not have been covered in standard driving lessons. There is NO TEST to complete, just practical tuition.

In addition, the DSA will award you with a certificate on completing the course which can be used to receive a discount of up to 35% on your vehicle insurance.

6 Hour Pass Plus Course.

Not interested in the Pass Plus Course but still want Motorway Driving Tuition try…

3 Hour Motorway Driving Course.

Driver Improvement / Refresher Course

Visibility Driving Tuition offers a Driver Improvement/Refresher Course for full license holders who may want that little bit of confidence with their driving or parking skills, or to learn more about Eco safe driving and the benefit of saving money.

Price for all above courses are found on our price page.