Driving Situations Covered

There are a range of situations encountered while you are driving. Many of these situations will be covered on your driving lessons, others may require additional training in order to become acquainted with the experiences and gain knowledge of how to deal with them, producing a safe and confident driver. Here are just some of the situations Visibility Driving Tuition can help you deal with:

Country Road Driving

Country road hazards include junctions, bridges, hills, blind bends or summits, other road users, poor visibility and general season driving conditions. We can all be safe on our country roads by planning and think well ahead also being aware of the environment around us in which we drive.

Town and City Driving

Town and City road hazards include meeting situations where vehicles are parked or stationary, traffic light junctions or pedestrian crossings, other road users such as cyclists, bus or tram lanes and roundabouts (that some people dread!). Driving at night can also be a strange experience with bright lights and restricted vision.

Motorway Driving

Motorway are not for the faint hearted person, these roads have fast moving traffic, multiple lanes ranging from 2 to 6 in places, hard shoulders that can become new lanes at certain times of the day, motorways merging with other motorways, larger roundabouts and lots of information signs and markings. These situations are all covered in the further driving courses as well as how to deal with the event of a vehicle breakdown on the motorway.
When you pass your test I recommend you take the Pass Plus Course to give you an insight into motorway driving.


Pupils Testimonials

I was really nervous before starting to learn to drive so I chose visibility to teach me and I thoroughly enjoyed learning with James. He was very patient, helpful and understanding. James did wonders with me as I was a nervous wreck!! and I wouldn’t have passed without him. Thank you for all your help. Sarah Brown. York.

Thanks to James I learnt to drive quickly and efficiently without spending a forture! He is a fantastic instructor building my confidence as well as my driving skills, so when it came to driving alone I could drive safely and confidently. I would highly recommend James for value, friendliness, fantastic teaching skills and a wonderful learning experience. You won’t be dissappointed if your willing to learn!

Many thanks Rhi Wood xxx :) Tadcaster.

I was nervous to start with but James was a calming and stress free tutor. He was patient and understood that I was starting from nothing. The lessons were fun at the same time as benificial and the mock test were a great way of preparing you for your test. overall I passed quite quickly and that was due to a good, patient and organised tutor.

Cheers James, all the best in the future mate. Iain Wilkinson. Tadcaster.

Okay well. I well enjoyed myself, it was such a laugh James had so much patience with me it was unreal, he made me believe that I could do it when I was douting myself, he really stuck with it and made the lessons fun by creating variety, flexable on time wouldn’t of gone with anyone else for the world!

Natalie Coulton :) xx. Tadcaster.

James was very patient, calm and methodical with me and I do recommend him to everyone. My daughter Lydia has now passed her driving test and has thoroughly enjoys her lessons with James. Lindseys Graham. Healaugh.

I have had four driving instructors in the last two years and I must say that finding Visibility was my saviour. Absolutely phenomenal! James has a way of explaining things which just makes driving so much easier and makes learning to drive fun and excising and in time things started to click into place. I was a nervous driver and within a few weeks had the confidence to drive through the City Centre without any help from James. I feel happy with the progress I made learning with James. He taught me a lot of skills to help me become a safe driver. I passed 1st time with James cannot say much about some of the other driving instructors I went with!! Charlotte White York.

James is an excellent instructor, his teaching methods are superb. I always looked forward to my lessons. I would recommend him. Thanks again for your driving tuition expertise James it has been colourful. Many thanks. Kevin Deery. Tadcaster.

Passed 1st time, very good instructor would recommend to anyone. Luke. Acomb. 

I Passed 1st time too with James. He was fantastic, patient, easy to get on with and made learning to drive fun. Good down to earth instructor have already sent him to my friends for lessons. Edward Wilson. University of York.

Thank you, James. I had just started a new job and had told my employer I was hoping to pass my test fairly quickly when I had just got my provisional licence. Thanks to your expert tuition I passed first time.

Louise Bennett. xx  :) York.


98% of customers recommend Visibility.




Happy pupil

Happy pupil